The school is a community secondary comprehensive school.


The school is located in a village called Przygodzice, 7 kms south of Ostrów Wielkopolski, 90 kms northeast of Wrocław. Picturesque lakes and forests surround the village. Within a short bus ride there are woodlands, picnic areas, riverside walks. The community displays agricultural characteristics but some industrial plants, service and commercial companies become more and more important in its economy. In the surroundings there are many attractions of art and architecture. The school is situated near the national road no. 11 thus offering good communications within the region and providing ready access from all parts of the country. Przygodzice is also well served by public transport.


We are a comprehensive school committed to providing free education for all students. Our students range from 16 upwards - there were 480 students on roll on Sept 1st, 2003.

The school has been staffed fully and consistently with well-qualified and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff. Currently we have a total of 33 teachers.


Our school fulfils the wide range of needs for adolescents in the area offering a number of courses:


  1. 3-year general secondary course for students aged 16-18 with 3 options: languages/IT, sports/self-defense and administration
  2. 4-year secondary course in agriculture for students aged 16-19
  3. 3-year vocational course for mechanics of agricultural machines (16-19)
  4. 3-year evening course in agricultural market and administration for students aged 18 upwards
  5. 2-year evening college of tourism industry for secondary school graduates (aged 19 upwards)
  6. 2-year evening college of administrative law for secondary school graduates (aged 19 upwards)


We focus on teaching foreign languages: English and German and information technologies.


Internet services are accessible for both the students and the teachers.


We place a high regard on extra curricular activities and hope that all students will become involved in some extra curricular activity, i.e. foreign languages club, fitness club, shooting gallery, drama, choir, etc.


Throughout each year of education a variety of events take place at school, ranging from inter school sports competitions to gardening fairs, subject-matter trips and so forth.


We are a boarding school with a recently re-equipped hall of residence for our students.


Personal enquiries about our school can be made via e-mail to: skotka2@polbox.com